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Case studies

Gamertag Guru

AI Content Generation

Gamertag Guru | AI-Powered Blog

This case study explores the creation of Gamertag Guru, a fully autonomous, AI-generated blog tailored for gamers. The project involved developing a NextJS app with advanced AI integration for content and image generation, specifically focusing on creating unique gamertags and usernames.

Gamertag Guru showcases the effective use of AI in content generation, from crafting engaging listicles to creating visually appealing images. This project demonstrates the potential of AI in revolutionizing blogging, particularly in niche markets like gaming.

Gamertag Guru’s success is a testament to the innovative use of AI in content creation. The blog’s growing popularity and search engine ranking prove that AI-generated content can effectively engage audiences and carve a niche in the digital world. This testimonial was totally written by a real person

Mateo Garcia, AI-Created Author & Face of Gamertag Guru


Web Development

Revolutionizing Sales with an Immersive 3D Digital Experience

Developing an interactive, engaging website with a full 360° three-dimensional visualization of PizzaForno's vending machines.

Leveraging advanced web technologies, including Three.JS and Blender, we crafted a unique digital experience that redefined the standard online demo experience for PizzaForno.

PizzaForno is a futuristic company and the innovative concept of automated pizza vending machines is still new to most people. Our aim was to craft a digital experience that mirrored their pioneering ethos, offering an online presence as unique and groundbreaking as their product.

Jake Randall, Co-Founder of Modall Media


Software Development

Detail Dash | Car Detailing SaaS

Developing a robust CRM and booking tool, streamlining customer management and appointment scheduling in one user-friendly interface.

Leveraging our technical expertise, we engineered Detail Dash, an all-in-one software suite designed to meet the specific challenges faced by mobile car detailing professionals.

This project was a chance to apply and expand our expertise in crafting software solutions. It has been an experience that has strengthened our skills and broadened our perspective on building SaaS platforms.

Ryan Mogk, Technical Lead


Software Development

Jettwave | Software Product for Developers

Creating a custom-coded software product for developers.

We transformed Jettwave's digital presence by developing a comprehensive component library and a fully functional, custom-coded website, establishing the foundation for their brand and platform.

The team transformed our concept into a reality, creating a suite of tools and components that went above our expectations. We now have a fully functional website & product that we are proud of. We are excited about the journey ahead.

Keagan Mckay, Founder of Jettwave


Full Package

PizzaForno | Custom Website Development & Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy

Elevating brand presence with a custom-engineered, high-performance website and comprehensive digital marketing approach.

We embarked on an extensive web development project, utilizing modern technologies and creative design to build a website that truly represents the PizzaForno brand.

The custom website developed by the team has transformed our digital footprint. From the interactive 3D demo to the SEO-optimized location pages, every element is designed to engage and convert our visitors effectively. The new website accurately reflects our brand ethos and has significantly improved our online presence.

Les Tomlin, CEO of PizzaForno


Software Development

PizzaForno | Custom Admin Dashboard

Streamlining operations with a custom-developed admin panel.

We developed an admin panel for PizzaForno, focusing on centralizing operations and enhancing workflows across departments with seamless AI-integration and user-friendly features.

The admin panel developed by our team helps streamline our marketing efforts with PizzaForno, while also drastically increasing the efficiency of operations across various departments. It brings efficiency and simplicity to our daily tasks.

Jake Randall, Co-Founder of Modall Media


Full Package

Detaild | Mobile Car Detailing Service

We built infrastructure to help Detaild scale and created a comprehensive digital and physical marketing strategy from scratch for Detaild's launch.

We built Detaild's digital and physical presence from the ground up, developing a custom-coded website, initiating a comprehensive SEO campaign, and orchestrating a diverse marketing strategy that encompassed both online and offline aspects.

Thanks to Modall, our phone was ringing all summer, ensuring a constant stream of clients. They built our brand and handled the marketing so effectively that we could focus solely on delivering a high-quality service.

Sam R, Owner & General Manager of Detaild


Full Package

YOMI | Blockchain Technology

How our strategic development, custom-coded tools, and digital solutions drove community growth & engagement.

We developed a custom-branded website and immersive 3D experiences, crafted a targeted social media strategy with engaging content, and issued press releases to enhance YOMI's launch. Our efforts also focused on community growth and the creation of custom tools and apps, all underpinned by a robust brand and strategy framework to ensure YOMI's scalable success.

The work the team did was incredible, turning YOMI from just a concept into a thriving community. The thoughtful way they handled our brands story and online presence made a huge difference. Were really happy and excited about whats coming next.

Rogue Studios, Creator of YOMI

Modall built our brand and handled the marketing so effectively that we could focus solely on delivering a high-quality service.

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