// Case Study - Revolutionizing Sales with an Immersive 3D Digital Experience

Creating an interactive 3D experience for showcasing automated pizza vending machines.

Web Development

Revolutionizing Sales with an Immersive 3D Digital Experience.

PizzaForno sought to create a unique digital experience that would allow potential leads to explore their pizza vending machines in an immersive 3D environment. Our task was to develop an interactive, engaging website that would redefine the standard online demo experience.

  • Platforms.

    Web (Desktop & Mobile)

  • Deliverables.

    Three.JS Interactive Website, 3D Modeling, User Experience Design, Audio Integration

Meet The Client

PizzaForno is an innovative company specializing in automated pizza vending machines, seeking to provide a unique digital demonstration experience to potential customers and licensees across North America.

Understanding the Problem

In a competitive market, PizzaForno needed a novel way to showcase their machines to global prospects without the limitations of physical location or time constraints.

The Solution: A 3D Interactive Website

We leveraged advanced web technologies to create an interactive 3D experience for PizzaForno, making their machines accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Leveraging React Three Fiber to integrate Three.js in a React environment
React Three Fiber
Built with the latest version of React, a modern web development framework
React 18.2.0

The Product: What We Developed

Three.JS Interactive Website

  • A full 360° interactive experience, offering dynamic, three-dimensional visualization of PizzaForno's vending machines.
  • Detailed, clickable areas to explore machine features, dimensions, and specifications.

Simulated Ordering Experience

  • Users can order a test pizza via the machine's interface on the website, mirroring the real-life ordering process.
  • Enhanced with background music to create an engaging user experience.

Blender and Three.js Integration

  • 3D model crafted in Blender and seamlessly integrated into the Three.js platform.
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, maintaining functionality and visual appeal across all screen sizes.

PizzaForno is a futuristic company and the innovative concept of automated pizza vending machines is still new to most people. Our aim was to craft a digital experience that mirrored their pioneering ethos, offering an online presence as unique and groundbreaking as their product.

Jake Randall
Co-Founder of Modall Media

The Results: Enhanced Engagement and Accessibility

The 3D interactive website has significantly elevated PizzaForno's sales demonstration capabilities, resulting in:

Dynamic, immersive experience enhancing global accessibility and engagement
3D Interactive Website
Allows exploration from anywhere, overcoming geographical barriers
Global Accessibility
Engages users longer with an immersive experience and increased interest
Higher Engagement
Convenient & efficient for leads to learn more about PizzaForno and their products
Efficient Sales

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