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How our strategic development, custom-coded tools, and digital solutions drove community growth & engagement.

Full Package

We developed a custom-branded website and immersive 3D experiences, crafted a targeted social media strategy with engaging content, and issued press releases to enhance YOMI's launch. Our efforts also focused on community growth and the creation of custom tools and apps, all underpinned by a robust brand and strategy framework to ensure YOMI's scalable success.


  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Public Relations
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Product Design
  • Brand & Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

Meet The Client

We were approached by YOMI to redefine their digital presence, elevate their design across platforms, and craft a compelling blockchain community experience.

The Result?

A brand brought to life through our strategic development work, custom-coded tools and immersive experiences that captivated and engaged the community.

The Challenge

YOMI aimed to stand out in the crowded blockchain space. The challenge was multifaceted: They needed a distinctive online presence, seamless user engagement tools, and robust community growth. The goal was not just to create a brand but to craft a compelling narrative that resonated with the blockchain community.

The Solution: Seamlessly Integrating Branding, Development, and Strategy

We embarked on a comprehensive digital overhaul for YOMI. Beginning with an intricate website and custom-coded tools that facilitated user engagement and set YOMI apart. The 3D immersive experience we built with Three.JS earned an honorable mention on Awwwards.

Our approach also involved strategically spreading the YOMI narrative. Press releases on Benzinga, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, and Yahoo Finance ensured a wide reach.

To bolster engagement on social media and convert users, we crafted a series of custom branded graphics, videos, and 3D scenes using Blender. These visuals were meticulously designed to resonate with the blockchain community and bring YOMI's vision to life. Through vibrant and compelling imagery, we successfully enhanced user interaction across platforms.

Bringing Ideas to Life: The Journey from Vision Board to 3D Reality

Our creative journey for YOMI began at the drawing board, transforming abstract concepts into stunning 3D visuals that encapsulated the brand's essence. Here's how we navigated the journey from the initial vision board to realizing the concept in 3D art:

Click here to view: The YOMI Creative Process

Immersive Experience: Custom-Coded Tools

Navigating the world of digital art requires tools that not only showcase the visuals but also resonate with the essence of the artwork. At YOMI, we aimed to provide an enriched user experience through custom-coded tools designed to engage users in a world of artistic exploration.


Spotlight on Engagement: A Glimpse into Our Strategic Video Content

By harmoniously blending 3D-generated scenes, brand-consistent rendering, and strategic storytelling, we succeeded in creating video content that not only captivated YOMI's audience but also played a pivotal role in driving presale signups and fostering a thriving community.


To ignite anticipation and drive wallet sign-ups for the presale, we crafted a series of compelling short-form video teaser trailers that perfectly encapsulated the essence of YOMI. The concise yet impactful nature of the videos made them highly shareable, contributing to a surge in community anticipation and ultimately resulting in an impressive increase in wallet sign-ups for the YOMI presale.

INSERT VIDEO - YOMI Short Teaser Trailer

Technical Spotlight: The Challenges of Creating an NFT Rarity Tool

YOMI approached us with the desire to create an NFT rarity tool tailored for their needs. Creating such a tool presents a unique set of challenges, starting with understanding the concept of rarity in the digital space. Developers must navigate the complexities of evaluating NFTs based on digital attributes, demanding a thorough grasp of the NFT space and a methodical approach to attribute analysis. The tool must access comprehensive and accurate data, interact seamlessly with blockchain technology and smart contracts, and ensure data integrity. Real-time data processing is another hurdle, as the tool must adapt to the NFT market's continuous shifts, managing large volumes of transactions while staying up-to-date.

User experience is crucial, necessitating an intuitive interface that distills complex data into an accessible format. Additionally, the tool must accommodate the diversity of the NFT ecosystem, functioning across multiple blockchains with varied standards and protocols. This requires versatility and adaptability, harmonizing different API structures and data schemas into a unified system. Overall, crafting an NFT rarity tool is a testament to the complexity of blockchain technology and the dynamic nature of the NFT market.

INSERT VIDEO - Rogue Rarity Video

Developing the NFT Rarity Tool into an iOS App

The success of YOMI's web-based NFT Rarity app beckoned an expansion. Recognizing the vast potential and the growing user base on mobile, we brought this powerful tool to iOS devices.

INSERT VIDEO - Rogue Rarity Mobile App Video

Crafting a Compelling Product Deck for YOMI

By intertwining strategic branding with captivating graphics, we succeeded in crafting a product deck that not only told YOMI's story effectively but also became an instrumental tool in their outreach and engagement efforts.

Click here to view: The YOMI Product Deck

The Numbers

Our collaboration with YOMI delivered remarkable and measurable results:

Community Growth015,000
Twitter Followers014,500
Twitter Impressions01.5M+
Presale Wallets Collected01800+
Custom-Coded Tools08
Web Apps Developed06
Press CoverageNoneMultiple
IOS Apps01


On social media, we organically grew a Twitter following to over 14,500 through strategic content marketing. We earned them over 1.5 million Twitter impressions organically and conducted over 200+ collaborations with other blockchain companies. We developed 8 custom tools, 6 unique web apps, and 1 iOS App to enhance the brand's story and lore. For the presale, we had over 1800 users register their crypto wallets. The Discord server saw rapid growth to over 15,000 members and was partnered in the creator program.

The work the team did was incredible, turning YOMI from just a concept into a thriving community. The thoughtful way they handled our brand's story and online presence made a huge difference. We're really happy and excited about what's coming next.

Rogue Studios
Creator of YOMI

The Results: A Huge Impact

Our collaboration with YOMI delivered remarkable and measurable results. Through strategic use of custom tools, social media, and personalized interactions, we amplified YOMI's reach and influence.

Presale Wallets Collected
Twitter Followers
Discord Members
Custom-Coded Tools Developed

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