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Elevating brand presence with a custom-engineered, high-performance website and comprehensive digital marketing approach.

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PizzaForno approached us to create a custom website that would not only embody their new branding but also enhance user experience with fast page speeds and optimized SEO. Our challenge was to develop a platform that was both visually appealing and functionally robust.

Meet The Client

PizzaForno, an innovative player in the automated pizza vending industry, sought to revamp their online presence with a cutting-edge website that matched their forward-thinking business model.

A graphic that showcases the PizzaForno licensing page

Understanding the Problem

PizzaForno needed a comprehensive website overhaul that went beyond aesthetics, focusing on performance, user engagement, and effective location-based SEO strategies.

The Solution: A Comprehensive Web Development Project with Advanced Marketing Strategy

We embarked on an extensive web development project for PizzaForno, utilizing modern technologies and creative design to build a website that truly represents their brand. In addition, we crafted an advanced marketing strategy, uniquely tailored to their business needs, to further enhance their online presence and engagement.

  • Web Development
  • Custom-Coded Tools
  • SEO
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Product Design
  • Brand & Strategy
  • Database Integration
  • API Integration

The Product: What We Developed

The project was developed using the latest versions of cutting-edge technologies which include:

Built with the latest version of NextJS
Next.js 13.4
Type safety and code readability
TypeScript 5.1.6
Built with the latest version of TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework
TailwindCSS 3.3.5
Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM
Prisma 5.4.1
Built with the latest version of PostgressQL to create a custom API
PostgressQL 13.4
Built with the latest version of React, a modern web development framework
React 18.2.0

Revamped Website with Modern Technologies

  • Utilized Next.js, Node.JS, React, and Tailwind CSS for a fast, responsive, and visually appealing site.
  • Implemented optimized images, custom icons, and unique graphics, enhancing visual engagement.
An image of the PizzaForno about us page

Enhanced User Interaction

  • Developed a dynamic and interactive menu detailing pizza varieties and ingredients.
  • Created an intuitive location finder with an Airbnb-style interface, displaying all active locations on an interactive map.
An image of the PizzaForno about us page

SEO and Tracking Enhancements

  • Custom SEO-optimized location pages for each PizzaForno outlet, boosting online visibility.
  • Integrated email popups, Google My Business reviews, and real-time stock & inventory data.
  • Set up comprehensive tracking using Google Tag Manager, including Google Analytics, HubSpot, Facebook Pixel, and LinkedIn Insight Tag.
An image of the PizzaForno about us page

Engagement and Conversion Features

  • Integrated automated email campaigns and popups for efficient lead generation.
  • Designed an ambassadors page and a charity page with an interactive map showcasing partners.
  • Developed an engaging 'About Us' page with custom animations and dynamic scrolling elements.
  • Strategically placed CTAs scattered throughout the website.
An image of the PizzaForno about us page

Press and Blog Integration

  • Seamlessly incorporated press releases and blogs into an easy to use interface.
An image of the PizzaForno about us page

3D Interactive Digital Experience

  • Crafted a full 360° interactive digital experience using Three.js for an immersive product demo.
An image of the PizzaForno about us page

Development & Marketing Summary

As a team, we successfully delivered a visually stunning and highly functional website for our client. Utilizing modern web technologies, we enhanced the site's performance and user experience. Our integration of custom graphics, interactive features, and intuitive UI/UX design significantly improved user engagement. We strategically implemented integrated email campaigns and location-based popups, effectively boosting lead generation. This approach led to a notable increase in the client's SEO presence, with a 57.9% increase in search traffic and 87.9% more impressions on location pages in the first six months. Additionally, we ensured seamless backend integration, facilitating easy customization and efficient tracking, which played a crucial role in the project's overall success.

The custom website developed by the team has transformed our digital footprint. From the interactive 3D demo to the SEO-optimized location pages, every element is designed to engage and convert our visitors effectively. The new website accurately reflects our brand ethos and has significantly improved our online presence.

Les Tomlin
President and Co-Founder PizzaForno

The Results: A High-Performance Custom Web App

Our comprehensive web development efforts for PizzaForno led to remarkable improvements in online engagement and visibility:

Location Page Clicks
Location Page Impressions
Organic Email Signups
Increase In Google Reviews

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