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Creating a custom-coded software product for developers.

Software Development


Jettwave approached us with a vision: to create a streamlined, user-friendly, and efficient platform for developers. Understanding the task at hand, our team swiftly got to work.

By designing 200+ web components and building an intuitive page builder tool, we transformed their vision into a practical software product that enhances the efficiency of web developers.

Meet The Client

Based in Toronto, Jettwave is an innovative startup with a clear vision to revolutionize the web development landscape.

A graphic that showcases Jettwave's homescreen

Understanding the Problem

Jettwave started as a mere idea, without even a foundational website in place. The challenge was immense: they needed to build a brand and a product that would meet the high standards of the developer community and encourage active usage. The absence of a brand identity or an established product presented an opportunity to help shape the company from the ground up.

Built with the latest version of PostgressQL to create a custom API
PostgressQL 13.4
Built with the latest version of React, a modern web development framework
React 18.2.0

The Solution: From Concept to Code

We transformed Jettwave's digital presence by developing a comprehensive component library and a fully functional, custom-coded website, establishing the foundation for their brand and platform.

The Product: What We Developed

We engineered Jettwave's product suite to seamlessly blend functionality with brand identity, delivering tools that enhance the developer experience.

An image of Jettwave's page builder tool

A Comprehensive and Versatile Component Library

We crafted over 200 fully-responsive web components, encompassing various elements such as Blog sections, CTAs, FAQs, and more. These are designed to seamlessly integrate into any Tailwind project.

Every component was designed to offer versatility, responsiveness, accessibility, and consistency. The adaptability of the components ensured that they maintained functionality across varying screen sizes and dynamic elements.

Our approach ensured that Jettwave's components required no third-party libraries. This streamlined approach allows developers to concentrate on their core ideas, enhancing both efficiency and creativity.

Built with the latest version of TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework
TailwindCSS 3.3.5
Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM
Prisma 5.4.1

Intuitive Page Builder Tool

The Jettwave Page Builder enables real-time visualization of design changes across devices, ensuring an enhanced and efficient design process. Users can also download their code in one-click and save their favorite designs.

Free Developer Tools

We created a suite of free tools designed to generate web traffic and leads, including Animated Toggle Switches, Animated Hamburger Menus, MIT-Licensed Icons, and Logos.

Product Summary

Our work with Jettwave led to the creation of 9 resource packs aimed at driving traffic and enhancing user interaction, an interactive Page Builder tool for effortless design and real-time visualization, and over 200 prebuilt components designed to be fully responsive, modular, and independent of dependencies.

Built with the latest version of NextJS
Next.js 13.4
Type safety and code readability
TypeScript 5.1.6

Branding and Strategy: Optimizing for User Signups

Our approach to Jettwave's branding and strategy was meticulously tailored to optimize user signups. We recognized the need for a seamless and engaging user journey that would lead to conversions.

An image of Jettwave's pricing page

Strategic CTAs:

Strategically placed Call-to-Actions (CTAs) were designed to guide users through a seamless conversion funnel. We ensured these CTAs were visually striking, and the messaging was compelling, inviting users to explore, engage, and ultimately sign up.

Unified Branding:

The website design echoed Jettwave's brand ethos. We created a cohesive visual identity that instilled trust and communicated the brand's commitment to efficiency and innovation.

User-Centric Design:

The site was optimized for user experience, with an intuitive layout, clear navigation, and persuasive copy that aligned with the brand's strategy to boost signups.

Branding and Strategy Summary

In optimizing Jettwave for user signups, we meticulously tailored our approach to include strategically placed CTAs to guide users through the conversion funnel, unified branding to echo Jettwave's ethos and instill trust, and a user-centric design that prioritized an intuitive layout and persuasive copy to enhance user experience and boost signups.

The team transformed our concept into a reality, creating a suite of tools and components that went above our expectations. We now have a fully functional website & product that we are proud of. We are excited about the journey ahead.

Keagan Mckay
Founder of Jettwave

The Results: A Fully Functional Platform & Software Product

The partnership with Jettwave yielded a robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform, marked by the following key deliverables:

  • Web Development
  • Custom-Coded Tools
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Product Design
  • Brand & Strategy

We wanted to help create a brand and product that would genuinely enhance the daily design processes of developers, something that would actually make improvements to their workflow.

Ryan Mogk, Founder & Developer at Modall Media
Optimized for conversions & crafted for functionality
Custom Website
Driving traffic & user interaction with free tools
9 Resource Packs
Effortless design & real-time visualization
Page Builder Tool
Zero dependencies, fully responsive, & modular
200+ Prebuilt Components

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