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Developing a robust CRM and booking tool in one user-friendly interface.

Software Development


Identifying a need for specialized software tailored to mobile car detailers during our work with Detaild, our team set out to create a product that would streamline operational efficiency in this niche. The result is Detail Dash, embodying our expertise in design, development, and execution through our in-house capabilities.

Introducing The Product

Detail Dash is a robust software solution tailored to the unique demands of mobile car detailing businesses. Incorporating a custom booking tool with a database of every car make and model, it's engineered to streamline the day-to-day management of car detailing operations.

Our platform simplifies bookings, leads generation, revenue and expense tracking, and invoice management into one efficient dashboard. With Detail Dash, car detailers gain access to a reliable and user-friendly system that enhances business management and encourages growth.

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The journey of creating Detail Dash from scratch was as much about developing a valuable SaaS product as it was about deepening our understanding of what we're capable of. This project was a chance to apply and expand our expertise in crafting software solutions. It has been an experience that's strengthened our skills and broadened our perspective on building SaaS platforms.

Ryan Mogk, Technical Lead

Grasping the Core Issue

In our hands-on experience building a detailing business from scratch for Detaild, we encountered a common obstacle: mobile car detailers juggling numerous disjointed platforms for appointment scheduling, client management, lead generation, and financial tracking.

This inefficient method often leads to missed opportunities and hampers growth. To address this, we developed a bespoke solution that not only streamlined Detaild's operations but also inspired the genesis of Detail Dash.

Our Solution for Car Detailers: Detail Dash

Leveraging our technical expertise, we engineered Detail Dash, an all-in-one software suite designed to meet the specific challenges faced by mobile car detailing professionals.

Every feature of Detail Dash was carefully planned and crafted, showcasing our technical capabilities—from developing a responsive user interface to integrating complex data management systems.

Custom-Coded Booking Tool & Backend Dashboard

Detail Dash comes equipped with a custom-coded booking tool and a robust backend dashboard. The booking tool, integrated with a comprehensive database of car makes and models, provides instant quotes and accurate pricing directly on the detailers' websites.

Built with the latest version of PostgressQL to create a custom API
PostgressQL 13.4
Built with the latest version of React, a modern web development framework
React 18.2.0

Comprehensive Business Management

Our dashboard is a one-stop solution offering a range of features, from managing bookings in a calendar format to providing crucial details like car information, customer data, distance, and service type. It's designed to bring unparalleled ease and professionalism to the operations of mobile car detailers.

Built with the latest version of TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework
TailwindCSS 3.3.5
Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM
Prisma 5.4.1

"This project showcases our ability to develop comprehensive software solutions from conception to launch."

Ryan Mogk
Co-Founder of Modall Media

What We Did

  • Software Development
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Database Infrastructure

Strategic Software Solutions for Operational Success

Detail Dash, currently in the pre-launch phase, is poised to streamline business operations for mobile car detailing businesses.

This project showcases our capacity to develop tailored solutions for specific business challenges. These are the types of ideas we like to provide to our clients: transformative software solutions that give them a competitive edge.

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